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Brewery, Ice Cream Maker Teaming Up for “Fudgie the Beer”


Who doesn’t like beer? Who doesn’t like ice cream? How about both of them together?

A New York based brewing company has joined with an ice cream maker so consumers can have their cake in a beer, according to Yahoo.

Captain Lawrence Brewing Company’s “Fudgie the Beer” is obviously inspired by “Fudgie the Whale” ice cream cake but offers a nice alcoholic kick in the butt.

Take the, whale!

Just in case you thought that there is no way that this could go over positively, think again, as the first batch of the unique beer sold out.

Don’t worry, a 2nd batch is on the way Friday, but, you’ll have to travel all the way up Captain Lawrence’s beer hall in Elmsford, New York, if you want a taste because that’s the only play you can get it!

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