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2 Blinged Out Skeletons Found Inside Sarcophagus Found in Viminacium


A recently discovered sarcophagus contained some upper-echelon skeletons all decked out in some serious bling.

The two skeletons were rocking glass perfume bottles, gold jewelry and a silver mirror when they were discovered in Viminacium, an ancient Roman city.

According to Ilija Mikic, an anthropologist at the Archaeological Institute of Serbia, one of the skeletons belonged to a tall, middle-age man, and the other was of a slim, younger woman, per a report from Reuters.

The woman was dressed up with golden earrings shaped like flowers, a necklace, hairpins, three glass perfume bottles and a silver mirror. The man was buried wearing a silver belt buckle and some shoes.

“According to grave goods … we can conclude that these two people surely belonged to a higher social class,” Mikic said.


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